a. Preliminary Study

The preliminary study gives us whether the site is eligible to go installed with Photovoltaic power system or not. It mainly studies the climatic conditions of the site, Temperature, geographical location, annual Sun radiation data, Humidity, local nominal daily insolation hours, ground type, soil type, water table depth, Longitude, Latitude, site elevation from the Sea level, Site survey map, Site topology Map, Annual Rainfall, site utility plan, required hours of operation, Pollution index, Design considerations, available PV panels, shading analysis and etc.

b. Submission of Feasibility report

Based up on the Preliminary study Feasibility report is prepared. Feasibility study is the cornerstone of solar power design because it provides an in-depth, meaningful assessment of the energy potential of solar project platforms, such as rooftop, carport, or ground-mount solar power systems

c. Technical evaluation & consideration of Project Scope.

The technical evaluation and consideration of project scope gives us the possibility of implementing the designed system practically in the selected site. The Entire power System will be designed by our Green Energy Technology Experts from Greenergy Solar Solutions. Based on the customer requirements they can even modify the configurations as well. d. Commercial Terms finalization

Our best business practice and business ethics makes us to provide Photovoltaic Power systems in low price for our customers. To execute the smooth installation of the selected PV power systems Commercial terms and conditions are finalized in this step and the required policies, agreements, MoUs are made in between the institution and Greenergy Solar Solutions.

2.Financial Closure

Based upon the client the financial assistance will be arranged by Greenergy Solar Solutions.

3. Project award/P.O

The Preliminary Feasibility Report will be discussed with the Customer in detail and on approval the P.O need to be released from the Customer.

4. Design , Fabricate , Supply , Execution and commissioning

Based upon the PV power system designed by our PV power system design Engineers, the corresponding bill of quantities and components such as Solar Photovoltaic Panels, MPPT controllers, Solar inverters, Power control Unit, Power Protection system, cables, Switches and etc are manufactured from our unit .The components are supplied by our logistics unit to the site .Finally the system installation and commissioning are performed.

5. Go Live

The Commissioned PV power system is set alive for the usage of customers and instructions regarding the safety, maintenance of the power system are given by our experts to the maintenance wing in the premises.

6. AMC tie up

Based upon the request and project policy the customers can avail Annual maintenance for the installed PV power system in reduced price. The Greenergy Solar Solutions will take care of the maintenance of the system for the period of AMC provided.

7. Pricing :

We shall quote our Price to match with the TEDA / MNRE’s Current prevailing Price after deducting the subsidiary values.

8. Payment Terms:

a) 30% Advance along with Purchase Order.
b) 60% On Delivery of Materials at Site.
c) Balance after Erection & Commissioning